Dangers of Mosquito Bite Infections

Itching – check with your doctor before self treating. Itching from a bite can be treated with benadryl or a variety of over-the-counter itch-stopping products applied directly to the bite. Pink Calamine lotion or Aveeno anti-itch cream with calamine can be very effective for itching, but be aware that if placed on a bite that has been scratched open, it may increase the chance of scarring. Benadryl cream is also available, but should only be used sparingly if you are also giving Benadryl by mouth to avoid overdose.

  • Cut your fingernails – this will decrease the risk of infection being introduced into the bites, and will lessen the chance of scarring.
  • Stinging or burning – apply a cold washcloth to any particularly large, burning, stinging or itching bites.
  • Prevent infection
  • Before a bite becomes Follow these steps two or three times a day:
    • Wash the bite with warm soapy water
    • Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment

Following these steps will usually prevent an infection from setting in.

Infected bites – see your doctor